Gay Seltzer

It has been my pleasure to know and be affiliated with Melissa for almost four years. When my husband and I first moved to the Terraces, I began looking around for a caregiver because it would be necessary to have one available because my husband has dementia and I am blind.

My attention was focused on two or three caregivers whom I felt were extraordinarily caring in their handling of clients. Melissa was on, but she was in great demand and not available. I grabber her when she had spare time.

Melissa is a consummate professional. She regards each client as a personal charge, and is willing to keep him/her comfortable, happy and healthy.  She is skilled in her field, intuitive and talented in urging forth conversation and good humor. In other words, she will become a loving part of your family unit and a trusted companion. Melissa is reliable, exhibits good judgement and is just plain fun to be around….