Protecting older adults from fraud and financial exploitation

Losing money or possessions to scams, fraud, and exploitation can be especially devastating to older adults, who may be not be able to earn back what they’ve lost.



Money Smart for Older Adults

Older adults can be attractive targets for financial predators both known and unknown to them. “Money Smart for Older Adults” is designed to help older adults, family caregivers and others prevent, recognize, and report financial exploitation.


Consumer advisories: Preventing fraud



Beware of scams targeting older adults during the holidays

Work with your bank or credit union to protect older adults from financial exploitation

How to avoid becoming a victim of an asset recovery scam

Planning for diminished capacity and illness


Resources for caregivers and service providers



Protecting residents from financial exploitation: A manual for assisted living and nursing facilities

Placemats with consumer protection tips to use with older adults

Support your community’s fight against elder financial exploitation


Resources for financial institutions



Reporting of Suspected Elder Financial Exploitation by Financial Institutions

Suspicious Activity Reports on Elder Financial Exploitation

Advisory and report for financial institutions on preventing and responding to elder financial exploitation

Interagency guidance on privacy laws and reporting financial abuse of older adults

Memorandum on financial institution and law enforcement efforts to combat elder financial exploitation

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